A well balanced diet is necessary for the well being of your bird. A diet of seed only is NOT appropriate for most species since it is deficient in almost every nutrient except fat. A pelleted diet supplemented with fruits and vegetables and table food is a much better diet for pet and breeder birds.

Types of Food

For most caged birds, a formulated diet food or fortified seed is recommended. A formulated diet is one that includes all the needed fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in every bite.
Fortified seed is a seed mix fortified with the vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain a bird (provided the bird eats all of the seed and other ingredients). There are exceptions for birds such as Lories that require more specialized diets.

Food to Avoid
As with any of our pets there are certain foods or treats that should be avoided since they can be toxic to your bird. .

Avoid feeding the following foods:
• Avocado
• Parsley
• Chocolate
• Caffeine
• Salted Peanuts
• Onions
• Fatty foods
• Butter
• Salty items

Treats are a great way of rewarding our bird for good behavior or as a supplement now and again. Treats should never be used in place of a well balanced diet for your pet.

Types of Bird Treats
• Spray Mullet- Spray millet fulfills a bird's desire to crack, hull, and husk seed.
• Meal Worms
• Dry Cereal
• Treat Sticks- Provide variety and interest and let the bird use its natural instinct to work for its food.

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