Lost Pet

  Taking immediate action is crucial when you have lost a pet. Following are things you can do the moment you realize your pet is missing to enhance your chances of them returning home:

• It is extremely important that you visit your local, city and county shelters daily to search for your lost pet.

• Create flyers and ask permission to post them at local veterinary offices, grocery stores, shopping areas or school bulletin boards.

• Ask the regular delivery people in your area if they have seen your pet. Check with your mail carrier, newspaper delivery person or anyone you know who is in your neighborhood on a regular basis.

• You can place an ad in your city and local newspapers describing the pet that you lost.

• Look for your pet in unusual or unused places around your home, including outside storm drains and ditches.

• Check with your local radio programs -- some will allow you to place a notice on-air.

• The most important measure to take is a preventative measure: always keep current identification on your pet!

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