The Pet Connection was formed under a very simple premise: "To assist pet breeders and pet buyers in the process of finding the perfect pet." The service is designed to accomplish:

• Enable Buyers to learn about specific breeds via our online pet knowledge base
• Learn more about specific pet breeders- their currently available and future pets
• Obtain complete information about additional services provided by these breeders
• View pet pictures along with other pertinent data regarding the breeders’ available pets
• Determine pet availability on a local, regional and national basis
• Provide a "pet search matching" service for pet buyers.

How does it work?
The Pet Connection is a web based ‘matching’ service available to both buyers and breeders. We enable both the buyers and breeders to access up to date information relative to the specific pets being sought, as well as available to acquire. We store a host a large, continually updated database of buyer requirements and available breeder inventory.

Why Should Breeders Subscribe to The Pet Connection?
Like any business, large or small, all seek additional means to increase their revenues, without increasing their costs. In addition, businesses are also seeking means to broaden their target market audience, continually inform their buying community of additional services, in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner.

Who will benefit from this offering?
As mentioned earlier, the service is for both Buyers and Breeders. However, Breeders who subscribe to The Pet Connection will realize the following:
• Expansion of their market range and presence to local, regional and national pet buyers
• Inform buyers as to their pet availability (both present and future), on a real time basis
• Showcase additional services offered, i.e. training, boarding, obedience, etc.
• Be electronically "matched" with buyers who are seeking pets in your inventory
• Shortened sales cycles and Increased inventory turns
• 10% of our service revenue will be donated directly to the National Pet Humane Society

Where is The Pet Connection located?
The Pet Connection is located in Parker, Colorado.


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